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One Investment = Many Returns

Minting a KingsFund NFT will bring you into our exclusive KingsFund, granting access to all profits from our team’s tactical investments. One Investment for many returns.


Smart choices made for you and your Wallet.

Expect to be 100% satisfied, always. Enjoy punctual, efficient delivery of profits that’ll make you confident in the decision to use KingsFund. Please find out more from our Pitchdeck.

KingsFund Explained

How an Investment into KingsFund works and a rundown of Investment/Payout management.


KingsFund requires that you hold one or more of our NFTs. Having a KingsFund NFT grants you the percentage share of the profits made from our tactical investments.


KingsFund investment plan is simple, low-risk with high return potential. To bring gains to NFT holders while raising the floor price of NFTs along the way. Check out the KingsFund pitchdeck for a more detailed summary.


KingsFund NFT holders will receive their percentage share every three-months. The payouts will be sent directly to the wallet you keep your NFT/s, making it as simple and hassle-free for all holders to receive.


By reinvesting 50% of the overall profits into the fund every three months, we aim to raise the floor price of the NFTs, given they are a limited supply, thus increasing the general funds market cap along with KingsFund NFT price.

We Tick Every Box

Gain Updates

Updates can be found on our socials and websites, giving weekly rundowns for investors' interest and peace of mind.

NFTs that Compound

KingsFund NFTs allow you to gain indefinitely upon your initial investment.

Gains Delivered

All possible gains for KingsFund NFT holders go directly to the wallet in which the KingsFund NFT resides. Payouts are on a three-month basis.


Our international team will respond quickly and efficiently.​ Email us if you have any questions, issues or concerns.

Meet the Team

Tried and trusted Team from a Well-known BSC token (King Shiba) here to help build your portfolio.

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CEO / Investment + Funds Manager
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Market Analysis
Web2 Developer
Web3 Advisor

KingsFund Stats

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